Available Services

I focus my legal offerings on the changing needs of the evolving family.

All parents love their children and want the best for them. Making sure their children receive an appropriate education is a step towards ensuring survival in the modern world. I am here to help those parents who notice that their child is not succeeding in school due to a disabling condition. Federal and state laws exist which require public schools to provide disabled children certain accommodations so that they receive a free, appropriate, public education. I am here to help those busy parents who are not sure how to navigate the often confusing system of meetings, conferences, and further actions which may be necessary to ensure the school complies with the legal requirements.

Many families go through fairly significant changes, such as divorces, and children are greatly impacted by such changes. My services are also available for those parents who want to work together collaboratively to provide for the custody and care of their children during these changing times.

Those who wish to secure inheritance rights for their loved ones through a will, trust, or other similar document. As well as drafting the required documents, I will counsel you on the legal options you have to provide for your loved ones during an uncertain future.

I recognize that all of these changes are emotional and deal with sensitive and very personal matters. I strive to treat my clients and all people involved with the utmost empathy and respect. I will work diligently to provide my clients compassionate, thorough, and prompt service.

If you feel that my services might benefit you or even if you are unsure, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

About Me

I have deep empathy for those who are disabled or have family members in similar situations. I was a special needs child growing up. I was educated in the public schools for most of my school career, and my parents had to make sure that an individualized education plan was created for me and updated every year. My parents worked very hard to ensure that I had everything needed to get a free public education. This education, coupled with participation in school activities, helped to give me the confidence I needed to pursue university goals and even to study abroad. Upon becoming an attorney, I discovered that my passion is to serve children and families are given the legal opportunity to tur disabilities into abilities.